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Calc8 - Scientific Calculator (with Speech Recognition) - Design, Development, UX - Android App

I designed and developed Calc8. Calc8 is a beautiful fully functional scientific calculator (with sine, cosine, etc.) now with Speech Recognition for quick one-touch calculations. This was my first Android App. Has not been updated in a few years.

I'M NO LONGER INTERESTED IN NATIVE ANDROID APP DEVELOPMENT / JAVA. Only Web (React/JavaScript/CSS/Webgl/3D) and design for me now :))


- Sine, sine inverse, cosine, cosine inverse, tangent, tangent inverse.
- Factorial, permutation, combination, Log, ln, e, pi, and more.
- Degree, radian and hyperbolic mode.
- Press and hold Equals button, or microphone icon to speak calculations and Calc8 will respond.
- Press and hold display to copy calculated result to clipboard.
- Press and hold shift to enable or disable vibration of calc8's buttons
- More features coming. Feel free to request a feature!


- The record audio permission is to use the speech recognition feature!

Quick tips:

Press and hold the equals button, then say a calculation you want Calc8 to perform for you e.g "Tangent 77 times 49" and Calc⁸ will tell you the answer.

Calc8 works on smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and most android devices. Many more awesome features coming soon!

Have fun with Calc8

Download Calc8 from the Google Play Store


Skills Used

Software Used

Graphic DesignAndroid Studio, Photoshop
Coding (Android - XML, Java)
Logo Design
User Experience

Calc8 Screenshots


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Kamloops, BC

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