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Loop Web Portal - Front End Development + UX

Rebuilt Web portal in React (as the only Front end developer on the team).
Portal's purpose is to view data visualizations, manage organizations, devices, etc. for users/clients. Was key part of UI/UX design decisions made in portal.

Key features: User management (add, remove, delete users, reset passwords, etc.), organization management, creating reusable components using atomic design principles, creation of multiple data visualization components, testing components (E2E, unit and integrated tests), debugging cross-browser compatibility issues, digesting various APIs to populate Promotion builder, device management, etc.

Website: https://portal.loopinsights.ai - It is fully responsive and mobile first. It looks great on any device.

Skills & Technologies Used

React(ES6), Node, HTML5, CSS/SASS, Data visualization (using Chart Js), Serverless, AWS Cognito, AWS Lambda, AWS QuickSight (and other AWS console products), Testing (using Cypress), SQL, Gitlab, JIRA, Zentao, npm, yarn, MapBox, CSS animations, React-select, React-dates, etc.

Multi-device Screenshots

Web app Screenshots


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