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My Wedding Website - Front End Development, design, UX, dev-ops, optimization

My fiancĂ©, Michelle and I are getting married. I decided to make this website to celebrate our love. Optimized to the max (Lighthouse score of 90 on desktop, 72 on Mobile), PWA/installable, smooth scrolling parallax goodness. 

A lot of optimization was done to ensure this image heavy website feels light especially on mobile devices.

Be sure to checkout the custom swipeable photo gallery developed in React.

Scroll to the bottom to see the lighthouse reports. 

Check it out: http://www.michelleandtonye.com

Skills Used

React, Gatsby, SASS, framer motion, facebook pixel, webpack, bootstrap, purgecss, etc.
Other skills used: Optimizing website performance using webpack tools, css tools, in-built gatsby components, etc.


Lighthouse performance


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Kamloops, BC

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